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Author Spotlight: 裘梦 (Qiu Meng)

裘梦 (Qiu Meng) is a Taiwanese romance novelist (active: 2005 - present).

She is one of the earlier authors I followed, and a large reason I feel in love with reading Chinese romance novels. To date she is the only author whose works I have all read. When I first started reading Taiwanese novels, a large problem I found was that the female heroines were mostly all very weak and incapable. They almost always lands themselves in messy situations that requires a man to clean up after them. Qiu Meng's heroines offered an escape to all of that. All her female heroines are strong-willed or independent, in fact most of her heroines are described as ordinary or plain looking girls who can be easily over-looked. Her heroes almost always falls for the girl's intelligence first, and almost always woos the girls through a battle of wits than charms. The only shame is that like most Taiwanese novelists now, Qiu Meng has slowed her publication speed in recent years so we can only look forward to maybe one or two books a year.

Recommended Reads:

恶霸九王爷 (e ba jiu wang ye) - One of Qiu Meng's most famous work, featuring one of the most sadistic and disturbing hero I have read.
三十六计擒将军 (San shi liu ji qin jiang jun) - Another time travel genre. Featuring a heroine who likes to pull pranks, and a general who can't be close to women.
总裁骗婚 (Zong cai pian hun) - One of the rare modern novels by Qiu Meng. A breezy story about a powerful company president who takes an interest in his sister's low-profile friend and coerce her into a contract marriage.


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