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The original purpose for this blog has pretty much diminished as my interest in video editing has dwindled considerably. Instead, I decided to turn this blog into a Chinese book review site since I have been consuming a lot of Chinese romance novels lately and rather than just read and forget, I might as well take it as an opportunity to look back and absorb.

I will start with a rather old, but a past favourite that made me obsessed over the time-traveling genre for a while.

TItle: 我自望星朝天歌 (Wo Zi Wang Xin Chao Tian Ge)
Author: 七钉 (Qi Ding)
Genre: Time travel, romance, ancient
Brief Summary: Our heroine accidentally traveled back to ancient China. Struggling to adapt to the new world while trying to find a way back, she travels with her new Master's older apprentice, and falling in love along the way.

This is one of the earlier books I read and one of the more well known time traveling romance novel out there on the Chinese web. When I looked up the book again, I was pleasantly surprised by the length of the book, clocking in about 400k words, this is about a medium long read, but at the time I didn't feel the novel was all that long at all. This goes to show how much I enjoyed the novel, since these days I usually don't read anything more than 200k-300k words novel unless it was heavily recommended.

The characters and their motives are all pretty straightforward. Long time novel readers probably won't find too much events out of the ordinary. But the characters are not mapped out to be too annoying, and the heroine and hero's interactions are mostly light-hearted bantering. This is a classic case of a bickering romance. The heroine is pretty ordinary on all accounts but she's not stupid and is quite independent and brave when the time calls for it. The draw to this novel is of course the hero. He is skilled in the martial arts, fiercely loyal and protective. I love that our hero in this novel isn't a fu hei (腹黑) - which loosely translate to somewhat of a sadistic character - that is popular in most internet novels these days. He may be powerful but he has his short comings and cute side that makes him more of a fleshed out character than an all out romantic GOD.

Overall, I definitely recommend this book to new readers of the time travel genre or the Chinese internet novel since the book is breezy, the heroine is likable and the language level is not too complicated.



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