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Galileo Movie: Suspect X

Finally, after what feels like almost a year's waiting, Suspect X finally came out with English subs. The movie was pretty well done, but that might be due to my biased fan alert which, after a year of deprived Yukawa/Utsumi, I am probably more than happy for anything they throw at me.

Though fangirling aside, the movie, which despite the initial setup of the plot, still managed to retain an interesting twist at the end (then again, I never watched many mystery shows to tap into my inner Holmes). I love how, in perfect Galileo style the movie setup the initial crime for the audiences so that it is not a chase to catch the murderer but rather how the murderer's methods and motives are built. This allows the viewers to focus more on the character interactions instead.

Admittedly, the movie falls short on the physics aspect that roots Galileo (more importantly - I miss the crazy Galileo experiments to perfect his hypothesis). Though, as I previously said, they made it up with character interaction - something I enjoy more - so all is forgiven. Another disappointment is the lack of exploration in the obvious gender discrimination hinted in the movie, such as when Utsumi is forced to brew coffee because she is the only female in the vicinity. I find Jdrama often contains laminated hints about gender discrimination in the workplace, but it's frustrating that nothing deeper is explored beyond it. Since nothing was ventured beyond those familar territories, they felt like flaky scenes that held no service to the movement of the story.

Another, not nearly as important but just my aesthetic fuss, is that the cinematography is not as beautiful as say, Triangle, and barely on pare with the Galileo drama itself.

Maybe it's my fangirl senses reading too much into it, but one of my favourite part is when Yukawa called Utsumi to show him the crime scene. He didn't ask Kusanagi but rather Utsumi. Somehow that shows to me that his relationship with Utsumi has already transcended his longer relationship with Kusanagi and they've developed a bond that makes Yukawa unconciously seek Utsumi. The logical side of me however, reasons that he called Utsumi out because she is probably easier to manipulate information out of.

Another favourite part is when Utsumi comforts Yukawa during his rare emotionally confusing time.
Utsumi: The Professor Yukawa I know isn't swayed by emotions. He remains logical and pursues the truth harder than anyone. If you find yourself unable to endure the pain, let me bear it with you.

That was as close as a love confession as you can probably get, haha.


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